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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

ServiceSide picks up the HiveMind Proposal

This was pretty unexpected. The ServerSide's Dion posted this article: HiveMind Proposal to Join Apache Jakarta Project

Seriously; I'm perplexed by the level of interest in HiveMind. Don't get me wrong ... I like to have my ego stroked and all, and I think HiveMind will become a huge success, wherever it is that it ends up (Avalon, Jakarta, or whatever).

Still, people must be hungry for something, they are looking for the way. We want our objects back, we're sick of feeding our little chunks of code into the great J2EE appserver machine.

Once everything gets straightened out with HiveMind I will start to market it ... it's just that it is somehow marketting itself already. The only publicizing I've done is in this blog, and in that ServerSide discussion of Picocontainer (and, to be sure, I did not bring it up myself!).

Well, we'll see where we are when we get back from ApacheCon!

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