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Sunday, November 16, 2003

On-site at ApacheCon

We'll, I'm sitting in the lounge at ApacheCon working on The Book.

I did a run through of my presentation, and it comes in at about 40 minutes --- that's as long as I can allow for, since it leaves only ten minutes for Q&A. I think I'll perhaps trim just a little, and maybe have time to at least show Spindle in action. I snuck a Spindle slide into the presentation.

Which brings up lies. My bio says that I'm a member of the Jakarta PMC but it turns out that I'm not ... my "election" was not run properly or recorded properly. I believe its being redone.

My session synopsis claims I'll be creating a web application live on stage using Spindle, which isn't accurate either ... at best, I'll have a moment to show off a couple of Spindle features.

Updates tomorrow ... do I knock their socks off, or score a yawn?

Don't tell anyone, but they comp'ed Suzy (my wife) a pass. Apparently, they want a few more women in the audience. Not that she's technical (except perhaps by osmosis). Her badge says "Tapestry Tart" (off of someone's blog entry I can't seem to find). She was excited that she ran into some random ApacheCon attendee who knew about Tapestry, using words like "next big thing". Then she lost a chunk of cash at the blackjack tables.

I'm not sure who'se supposed to be here that I should know. Drew Davidson had mentioned possibly getting together, and I forget if Erik Hatcher was coming or not. Andrew Oliver is around here somewhere I suspect; I'll be attending his Poi session.

Suzy and I are going to catch Zumanity (the newest Circe Du Soleil show) Tuesday night. Advertising works ... hadn't even heard about this show until we were waiting for our luggage at the airport. Expensive, but probably worth it; certainly more so than any of the other pandering t-and-a shows in this bizarre town. Vegas is just plain wierd.

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