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Monday, November 17, 2003

ApacheCon presentation post-mortem

Just thought I'd say that the feedback on the presentation was very, very good. I had some time troubles (I've never done any kind of presentation with a fixed time limit before), and I had minor slide issues (the HTML wasn't very readable for the back half of the room) ... but people were involved, interested, taking notes and very receptive. And I forgot to distribute business cards! Why am I here again?

Of course, I can talk about Tapestry for days at a time, not just the minutes I had. And my rates are very reasonable.

Next step is to do something I should have done even before arriving in Vegas ... setting up a Tapestry BOF and/or "guru" sessions. That'll give me a chance to show of Spindle ... which due to a mixup on my part, barely got mentioned during the session (somehow I put the Spindle slide after Q&A, not before, so I never displayed it).

At this moment, I'm sitting on the floor outside Apollo 1 (the venue for the "State of Geronimo" session). It's packed and we arrived late. Andrew Oliver is next to me, IRCing about Tapestry. No, Tapestry is not Cocoon, thank you very much. Andrew was worred that if we walked in together, I would be "guilty" by association (he considers himself the "black sheep" of the ASF community) ... instead, we're not even inside, so I guess I'm in the clear.

There's probably more computing power walking around here in laptop and PDA form than existed twenty years ago.

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