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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

An Example Of Why I Like Spock

Spock is really making writing tests fun, instead of a chore.

    @Unroll("toClass '#javaName' should be #expectedClass")
    def "toClass tests"() {

        PlasticInternalUtils.toClass(getClass().classLoader, javaName) == expectedClass


        javaName | expectedClass
        "java.lang.String" | String.class
        "java.lang.Integer[]" | Integer[].class
        "java.lang.Long[][]" | Long[][].class
        "void" | void.class
        "int" | int.class
        "int[]" | int[].class
        "float[][]" | float[][].class

This combines lots of things I've seen before in TestNG, but nicer; just more readable ... and the @Unroll annotation (which guides Spock on how to report the test execution) is really handy, especially when things go wrong. It's just a slick overall package.