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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Get this in your toolbox

I mostly try to stick to open-source other otherwise free tools ... I'm just cheap perhaps. Or I want to be able to look under the covers. But every once and a whilie, there's a reasonably priced tool so useful you have to get it.

For about $20, Blazing Tools Software's Instance Source is completly worth it.

It's a plugin for Internet Explorer that provides a real view-source window that is so chock-full of features I already can't live without it. Here's a few:

  • Colorized source as sent from the server
  • Colorized source as currently in browser (i.e., accounting for document.write(), etc.)
  • Frame aware -- different frames / framesets in different tabs
  • Element under cursor -- point the cursor at some text and see the HTML for it (yow!)
  • Selected text -- select some text, see HTML for selection

Basically, this is what I've always needed in my browser to help me debug HTML ... no more having to save HTML to the desktop to disect them, no more guessing what the HTML really looks like, no more frame pain. This is just too cool.

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