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Friday, November 07, 2003

HiveMind in transition

HiveMind is causing a bit of commotion in ASF-land ... the whole issue of who owns the code is causing grief. In the short term, the Jakarta PMC has taken down the HiveMind CVS repository and the HiveMind site is probably next. Can't blame them (and I is them ... I'm a Jakarta PMC member myself); the code shouldn't be there, in light of there being any ambiguity about code ownership.

So, HiveMind will be on a short hiatus until such time as WebCT grants the code and submits the proposal.

The great thing about being an independent consultant is that these issues go away; especially if I'm contracted to teach Tapestry courses, the moment I'm off the clock all ambiguity about IP ownership goes away. In the future, I'll make sure that any work I do has special exceptions for spinning off code into open-source land.

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