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Monday, August 03, 2015

Seeking a New Clojure Engagment

My long-running Clojure project at Aviso is ramping down now and I'm on the hunt for a new engagement ... preferably in Clojure.

I'm really thankful to Aviso for giving me the opportunity to spin up my real-world Clojure (and ClojureScript!) skills over the last two and a half years. I'm definitely in a position now where using Clojure feels like "cheating", compared to working in other languages I know and use. I know I have to work much harder in Java to accomplish the same goals.

I'm interested in either a long term engagement, or a full time position; in either case, it should be in Portland, Oregon, or support remote work.

I'm also very interested in providing Clojure training; I had a little preview of this recently at Uberconf, where Neal Ford and I presented an Introduction to Clojure. I'll be using any upcoming downtime to create new Clojure training materials.

I'm also open to short-term "bootstrapping" engagements, to work with a small team interested in getting into the Clojure world. This could be a mix of training, mentoring, and prototyping.

Here's a few of our accomplishments, many of which have been open-sourced:

  • Created the pretty library, which improves Clojure's dreadful exception output. It has been downloaded 227K times to date, and is also incorporated into the Boot build tool.
  • Created Rook -- sane, smart, fast, Clojure web services
  • Created an amazing web application asset pipeline: Twixt
  • Built test tooling that leverages Docker to start, stop, and maintain Docker containers (containing PostgreSQL databases).

Even with all the powerful developer features built into Tapestry, I feel even more productive in Clojure and ClojureScript. I'd like to share that with your team, in either a short-term or long-term relationship. Contact me!