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Friday, October 03, 2003

ThreadLocal and thread pooling

Anthony Eden's post, ThreadLocal and thread pooling, illustrates one of my HiveMind goals. His post was about the importance of clearing out ThreadLocal objects at the end of a (servlet) request.

HiveMind includes a service for storing thread local information in a generic fashion ... effectively, a ThreadLocal Map of data. It all hooks into the common ThreadEventNotifier service, so that the thread local data can be discarded at the end of the request in a simple, uniform manner.

I constantly say that a good framework should make the easiest approach the correct approach. This is another example ... in this scenario, the correct approach is to discard thread local data at the end of the request and it is easier to use the ThreadLocalStorage service than to roll your own ThreadLocal object ... and certainly easier to let HiveMind handle the end-of-request cleanup than to do so in your own code.

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