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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Adding some lifecycle support to HiveMind

Just checked in some changes to support some basic lifecycle on a HiveMind registry and its services and configurations.

There is now a Registry.shutdown() method that shuts down the registry. All proxies will stop working (service methods throw ApplicationRuntimeException), same with all configurations. Core service implementations can now implement RegistryShutdownListener to be alerted when the registry shuts down.

I like the idea that proxies stop working when the registry shuts down so much that I changed the deferred service to always return the proxy. That, with C. Essl's inner-proxy solution (to avoid synchronization once the service is created) is very cool. No guesswork, no dangling anything ... shutdown the Registry and kill all the services (at least, all the non-singleton services).

It's all good baby ... going to add more involved lifecycle for threaded services (so they can tell when they are discarded) and, perhaps, add a pooled service model (with notifications when the service is activated and passivated).

More super-secret news coming soon!

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