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Friday, October 24, 2003

Last day at WebCT

I'm finishing up my last day at WebCT. I start, as a sub-contractor, at NLG on monday(!). No rest for the weary. It's awkward and a bit sad to be moving on, but I'm looking forward to a few months out, when (hopefully) I largely support myself with Tapestry and HiveMind. I've spent a lot of time in my career "batting cleanup", coming in late to projects and products to bring order out of chaos. I was refactoring (in PL/1) before I even knew such a term existed (our group coined the word "Howardizing") ... not to mention creating unit tests and all that ... everything old is new again.

I'm also looking forward to concentrating on fewer things; I've felt very distracted at WebCT ever since I got back from sabbatical, because I came back too early, and have had the book (and shopping for a house, and moving, and now the job switch) eating at me.

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