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Thursday, October 02, 2003

A glorious new world of opportunity!

Today. Is. The. Day.

After months and months of thinking about it, even agonizing about it, today is the day that I resigned from WebCT.

This is good; this means I will be available for Tapestry (and HiveMind) consulting! That's the whole point, today is the day I launch a consulting career.

Even better, in this questionable consulting market, I have pretty much full time work as a sub-contractor through my old boss, Tim Dion (now CTO of Riverton). How could anyone turn this down ... more freedom, a chance to pursue the dream (full time Tapestry!) and, at the same time, steady work. Still remains to be seen exactly how I'll balance Tapestry consulting with my responsibilites to Riverton's clients' ... but I'm sure we'll work something rational out.

Shortly (once all these details are worked out) I can start actually drumming up business.

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