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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

This Blog brought to you by the letter 'A'

During my lightening trip out to California yesterday, I had another horrible infrastructure let down: when I got to my hotel, the 'A' key on my laptop keyboard was damaged. No clue why ... it had worked in Phoenix (the stop over on the way to San Jose) but there it was ... the feel of the key was wrong: it needed excess pressure to work, and even then, didn't always work. I had visions of me having to send the entire thing back to Dell for service ... possibly weeks without my laptop!

Fortunately, I follow the principal of WWDGD? (What Would David Goldman Do? -- David being one of my best friends and exceptionally handy at all things electronic or mechanical). David would have bravely pulled up the broken key cap and figured out what was wrong underneath. That's exactly what I did ... and found an anomalous amount of hair in there. Anyway, a careful cleaning, a gentle re-application of the key cap ... and the letter 'a' is back. Useful for words such as 'Tapestry'.

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