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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Sending smoke signals ... voted off the Island by Comcast Apache

It can get a little frightening when you realize that you've taken for granted a technology and it suddenly fails to work.

In my case, it appears that there's a disruption which is preventing mail originating at comcast.net's domain from reaching apache.org's. This may have been going on for a week (its probably related to the massive amount of e-mail from the MyDoom virus).

I'm starting to try and penetrate comcast's protective walls of low-level flunky customer support. Basically, if you are a comcast customer, no mail sent to apache.org (including all the mailing lists) is getting through.

That means, for me, that a bunch of question responses on the mailing lists haven't gone through. I started a vote to release Tapestry 3.0-beta-4 that is in limbo. My business cards have the hlship@apache.org e-mail address (forwarded to hlship@comcast.net) so Comcast customer can't reach me directly.

I may have to setup a Yahoo account, just to be able to get the attention of the Apache infrastructure folks. What next ... no dial tone?

Update: It was Apache's fault after all!

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