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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Thanks again for Spindle, Geoff!

So, I'm putting together new examples to support my upcoming presentations and this time around, I'm finally getting to use Spindle. It's very impressive ... it takes the normal build/deploy/execute/analyze cycle (the analyze step being the time you take to figure out what caused the exception page to display) and reduces it to a build cycle most of the time. The kind of errors I make all the time (wrong attribute name on an element, mismatched component ids in the template and the specification, missing required parameters on components, and so forth) are caught at build time and flagged like any other kind of error.

Here's a really huge picture that shows just a few of Spindle's features. It's no wonder that Spindle was voted the top Eclipse plugin recently, it's a compelling reason to use Eclipse in the first place ... just as Tapestry is a compelling reason to use Java.

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