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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Can HiveMind break its <rules>?

Inside the Server Side Discussion Opinion: Comparing HiveMind to Spring, Keith Donald pointed out a problem ... the <rules> mechanism is a real pain!

<rules> and all that is flexible and powerful, but also intimidatingly complex. In the discussion, I described an idea I expect to pursue: an alternative to <rules> for simpler, flatter data ... leaving <rules> in the background for when you need the industrial strength solution.

Meanwhile, I've been thinking that HiveMind's service models are slighly off. Currently, you define the service model with the <service-point>. However, the need for a non-standard service model (such as threaded or pooled) is really a function of the implementation not the interface. Therefore, I expect to move the model attribute out of <service-point> and into <create-instance> and <invoke-factory>.

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