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Friday, February 06, 2004

HiveMind relaunch draw near

This time, I gave Prashant a rest, and went right to the top: Chris Vento, CTO of WebCT and the man backing the decision to go open-source with HiveMind.

Where-as Prashant could only guess at what was happening, Chris could be very specific: "I will move on it by next week and get the lics form executed and submitted." The reality has been a crush of work, deadlines, end-of-year reviews, client contracts, and so forth--not any desire to back away from releasing HiveMind as open source.

I'm looking forward to this; I have a bunch of powerful features for HiveMind planned, including a whole suite of JMX related stuff and it's all been on hiatus waiting for this.

In other news ... Noel Bergman found out what was causing the e-mail snafus at Apache for the last week or so. Surprisingly, it was on the Apache side, not the Comcast side! A temporary filter was put in place because of the MyDoom virus that was inadvertently left on. Noel has changed a daily summary report to include details about such things ... hopefully it won't happen again.

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