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Friday, February 27, 2004

Cutting down those dependencies

I've been somewhat troubled by the number of real, actual, runtime dependencies in HiveMind. I just put some work in, and managed to remove the dependency on commons-beanutils (and, by extension, commons-collections). I also removed code that invoke commons-lang's StringUtils.isBlank() so that HiveMind should be compatible with commons-lang 1.0. Those wacky commons-lang guys changes the meaning of method StringUtils.isEmpty() and introduced a new method, isBlank(), with the old behavior ... a lot of fuss for such a minor method, so I just re-implemented it as a method on the HiveMind class.

Anyway, my concern is, of course, DLL hell (and it's Java JAR equivalent), where widget A and widget B disagree about which version of widget C they each use. When you're in the business of hooking widgets together, this stuff is pretty critical. Less is more!

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