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Friday, April 10, 2009

Using Maven Quickstart Archetype from Eclipse

I'm working on a Tapestry article for JavaWorld, and I wanted to discuss setting up Eclipse with Maven and Jetty support, and creating a new Tapestry project from the latest quickstart archetype.

It ended up being much too large to include in the main article, so I've created a full rundown on the Tapestry360 wiki instead.

This covers where to get the plugins, how do deal with a M2Eclipse bug and the workaround that lets you use the Tapestry quickstart archetype, and some other customizations of the environment.


keerthy said...


Google App Engine (GAE) for Java is the free and the best java hosting platform available to the Java world. All other traditional hosting are costly when compared to PHP and possibly cannot scale as Google's.

Please post an article on how to setup and run tapestry 5 inside the GAE. We are having problems in getting this done. The problems are being discussed in getting tapestry users mailing list.

Craig said...

Will you please write a how-to on setting up T5 using ant and tomcat, and without Eclipse? I'd like to see how it's done bare-bones, without the help of Maven archetypes, Jetty dependencies or Jetty plugins. I and alot of other people dislike Jetty and Maven.

Howard said...


I suppose we could put all the stuff in one place, but fundamentally, Tapestry is just a servlet application. Put the right stuff in web.xml (that's documented), add tapestry and dependencies to WEB-INF/lib and you're done.


Glad your a fan of GAE. I'm monitoring the effort to get T5 deployed and have already made some last minute changes to the code base to fit with GAE. More coming and the community learns about GAE.

Buddy Casino said...

@Howard: forget m2eclipse, use q4e (http://q4e.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/updatesite/) instead.

I never regretted the transition, it is less buggy and faster, too. The project is currently in the Eclipse incubator and may be named differently in the future, but don't let that put you off.

Eugene Kuleshov said...

Buddy Casino, what version of m2eclipse your experience is based on? Can you please elaborate on particular bugs that m2eclipse has?

Paul Stanton said...

howard, the link seems broken.

Howard said...

@Paul: Sorry, Tapestry360 is kind of winding down at this point, as we set up better infrastructure for Tapestry up at apache.org. I expect the new documentation we're working on will address this better.