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Monday, April 13, 2009

Conversational State without Spring Web Flow

I've been trying to find time to write the integration between Tapestry and Spring Web Flow ever since I first met Keith Donald at TheServerSide Symposium in 2005. I really, really, really think it will make it into Tapestry 5.2. In the meantime, a simpler solution to many of those problems is conversational state, and that's now available as tapestry-conversations, from the Trails teams.


thomas.wieger said...

I really like the idea of supporting conversations in tapestry, but i do not understand the need for a full spring web flow integration. the whole thing of declarative web flow description seems not very compelling for me. i've seen it in jsf and later on appear with spring web flow again. for me this appeals as totally over-engineered approach and my only explanation why people implement it again and again is that some kind of computer science students are obsessed with implementing state machines. for me its just a layer of indirection and does not fit very well in the tapestry way of doing page navigation. i would really like to understand the benefits you expect from an integration. maybe i have been missing something in my considerations?

best regards,


George said...

Seam provides similar, if not better, feature for managing conversational state. I wonder if tacos-seam is a mature enough alternative to SWF integration.