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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reducing the size of a Ubuntu VMWare image

I've been building out my VMWare Ubuntu image, the one I use for Tapestry training, and have found that the size has grown out of control. Although inside the VM, my image is only using about 4G, the size of the VMWare folder was well over 8G, too large to fit on the 8G USB flash drives I use to distribute the image.

The solution is time consuming but not difficult; you need to have VMWare Tools installed in the image. If you run VMWare Tools as root (i.e., sudo vmware-toolbox), you can select the primary partition and shrink it. First, many minutes go by as the partition is prepared ... then you are asked if you want to shrink it. Many more minutes go by. At the end, the image is reduced in size significantly ... in my case, to 5.8G total, well within my limit.

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