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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tapestry @ JavaOne: Tapestry State of the Union

I'll be presenting a Birds of a Feather session at JavaOne about Tapestry this year. Part of the session will be a presentation about important Tapestry 5 features that many people aren't aware of, and a roadmap for Tapestry 5.2 and beyond. The balance will be Q & A and a chance to get your Tapestry opinions heard.

The session is June 4th from 6:30 to 7:20PM in Esplanade 301. See you there!


Craig St. Jean said...

Any chance you will be providing some information about these features most aren't aware of to those of us who can't easily get to JavaOne? I'm 1 of 2 Java developers at a mostly .NET company in Ohio and can't justify them sending me to JavaOne.

keykubat said...

This is not comment but...
When there come out a Tapestry5 book like manning in action series or in practice series?
Tapestry is liked for people but it is not adopted them as a framework.
I am/ we are waiting a book about Tapestry...
(Yes there is an excellent book about Tapestry5 but it is not enaouhg).
Best regards.

Howard said...

keykubat: Have you contacted Manning or O'Reilly or Pragmatic Programmers to request a T5 book?

keykubat said...

Yes. I 've contacted some publishers.
I am newcomer to Tapestry and I would like to study learn Tapestry leading to intermediate level.
I am waiting a book with including arthitectural content like in action or another.

qman said...

can you make the slides available somewhere?