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Monday, April 20, 2009

Tapestry 5.1 is Beta!

We just had a vote, and Tapestry 5.1 (that is, release is a beta release. At this point, everything is stable except for minor changes to the brandy-new URL rewriting APIs. I've been chasing down bugs and improvements for the release, which will probably be created and voted on later this week. My guess is that will be the final/stable release for 5.1.

I'm already thinking for 5.2. Ditch Maven for Buildr? Strong possibility. Start using Groovy for tests? Why not? Finally get Spring Web Flow integration working ... you betcha! Portlets? Shouldn't be a problem. Release date? I think before the end of the year.


phoet said...

Ditch Maven for Buildr? This is interesting! We currently evaluated Buildr and i liked its concepts (Especially i like to work with ruby).
The only thing i didnt get was the dependency-thing. How do you expose the necessary deps for an artefact? Buildr creates a pom, but without the deps...

Kevin Menard said...

It might be worth using JRuby for testing. Keep the number of languages the dev needs to know down to two.

Although, I don't recall the last time I had to muck with Tapestry's build system anyway.

Colin Sampaleanu said...

You mistyped the name of your framework in your post title :-)

Anyway, if you are looking at alternatives to Maven, you may also want to look at Gradle ( http://www.gradle.org/), which is a nice Groovy based build system that builds upon the strengths of Groovy (easy to create DSLs, and very Java centric) while also still being able to use Ant tasks for various grunt work (file manipulation, etc.). Gradle uses Ivy for dependency management.


Howard said...

I couldn't believe I mis-typed it either! It's been corrected.

Imants said...

I have been reading Gradle docs and so far it seems very promising.
Like Kevin said, it is probably a good idea to keep the number of required languages to minimum. You need to decide which route to take.

pietschy said...

I had enormous trouble getting buildr to work reliably on my G5 Mac. Some of it's dependencies just wouldn't work and had to ditch it in the end. Just recently checked out Gradle and it looks really promising, especially since you can get some code completion working in the build file (using Intellij).