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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Cognition: Tapestry 4 + Hibernate + Spring + Eclipse

Cognition is a new open source product similar in spirit to Trails. Both are approaches using Tapestry and Hibernate to streamline the process of creating a "typical" web application. Trails is very domain driven, creating the database schema from the object model. Cognition includes graphical editors inside Eclipse to build the schema, and derives the object model from the schema. There's a really impressive viewlet showing how to create a simple app really, really fast.

I can't wait for some time to open up in my schedule so I can give Rails, Trails and Cognition a spin.


Anonymous said...

While you are at it checkout http://grails.codehaus.org/. Seems like the ROR clones are multiplying. Nothing could be better!

Massimo said...

I can see the benefits brought by these "kinda of tools" but i've seen the brighter lights of Hivemind and Tapestry when it comes to system integration where you've to adapt and adapt quickly and smoothly.

Again HiveMind and Tapestry shines when doing dirty work.

Anonymous said...

I can see the benefits brought by these "kinda of tools" but
Again HiveMind and Tapestry shines when doing dirty work.

No doubt that ultimately when it gets down to maintaining and enhancing commercial grade apps H&T has the potential to shine. When Servlets were the only show in town, Struts was king. Then struts was no longer good enough (relative speak) and we get T, Shale, JSF, etc. etc. And now the ROR clones. We aren't there yet - still a long way to go.

There's no harm in expecting more out the development and deployment experience. So its great to see the envelope being pushed.

What would be even nicer, but probably far more ambitious, is for the thought leaders to agree to converge to that point where developing, enhancing, deploying, maintaining, and patching webapps is truly a pleasure (in the Java world, of course). Close to 80 odd "web frameworks" doesn't make the choice easy. Sure we could let "market forces" and "natural selection" determine the winner(s). But wouldn't it be nicer ...

(Off the soap box and getting back to reality)

Howard said...

I'm working on it! :-)

Bambarbia Kirkudu said...

Your demo at http://www.thelabllc.com:8080/slave/Home.page is really brilliant!

Unfortunately all the rest of a website returns 404 and Email doesn't work.