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Saturday, March 25, 2006

NFJS Examples available

I've now been able to build and deploy the examples from my talks at No Fluff Just Stuff. The version number is still 0.0.1 and probably will be for some time. You can obtain a pre-compiled WAR, or a source distribution (with out without the PowerPoint slides) from http://howardlewisship.com/repository/com/howardlewisship/nfjs-tapestry/0.0.1/.


Truy said...

Good stuff!
I'm curious though - what's the idea /philosophy behind making f.ex. PasswordEncoder a Hivemind service, when all of it's methods might as well be public static, since no state is involved? Should all traditionally utility methods be made into services?

Howard said...

A HiveMind service is more than just the code you provide, through interceptors you can extend its behavior without writing more code. For example, to add logging, or transaction management.

This is a very simple example.

For testing purposes, it is easier to mock the PasswordEncoder (and be able to have the mock encode passwords as "encoded" rather than a big long hex string).