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Saturday, April 01, 2006

New Tapestry bug fix releases out!

Two new bug fix releases of Tapestry are now available: Tapestry 3.0.4 and Tapestry 4.0.1. Not only did tons of work happen, including documentation fixes and other great stuff but ... I didn't do any of it! I pretty much haven't updated my own workspace since Tapestry 4.0 was released ... I've been working on new demo apps, new side projects at Tapestry @ JavaForge, some prototypes of Tapestry 5, moving Tapestry to a TLP, as well as client project work and my No Fluff Just Stuff presentations. But I haven't been working on the Tapestry code base itself.

The system works! If there was any doubt that Tapestry is more, much more, than Howard's pet project, the energy and vitality that Jesse Kuhnert, Brian K. Wallace, and the many contributors from the community have demonstrated should put an end to that doubt.

I can now, officially, walk in front of a bus. Tapestry will continue.


jesse said...

~cough~ I wouldn't go quite as far as saying tapestry would live on if you walked in front of a bus, but it's nice that you say so :)

Of course we'd be able to maintain what's in tapestry, but finding a replacement brain to innovate and design the framework is quite another matter. heh

mj1531 said...

Yes, Howard, please make sure you look both ways before crossing the street :)

The Java community needs you badly. The last thing we need is yet another JSR specification. We need actual innovation that isn't (or at least doesn't feel like it was) designed-by-committee.