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Friday, March 17, 2006

Zillow.com on The Boston Globe

Just noticed an article in The Boston Globe about Zillow.com. Zillow is a real-estate property values search application; at its core is a Flash application, but all the necessary infrastructure around that is Tapestry 4. I'm sure Ben and Dion are wondering why it's Flash and not Ajax.


Ken said...

Pretty cool to have another well-known site running Tapestry, but I'm more curious why it fell over in Feb and what they did to fix it. Any insights Howard? ;-)

Jeff from Zillow said...

I can't speak about specifics, but the problems around launch were unrelated to Tapestry. Overall, we've been extremely happy with with the performance and scalability of Tapestry and the other open source Java tools we are using (JBoss, Spring, iBatis, etc)