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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Huzzah! Subversion woes fixed.

I was just starting to panic. I was unable to check out my NFJS example code onto my desktop (it's stored using SVN, using my laptop as the SVN server). I've had some problems with Subversion recently, but thought I had resolved them.

From Eclipse, and from the command line, I was getting a wierd error:

bash-3.00$ svn update
svn: Can't read from connection: Software caused connection abort

From what I can tell, this occured when pulling down some large PowerPoint presentation files. Of course, there's no way to determine exactly what file the failure occured on, or why.

No output in the Subversion.log, or the svnserve command line, or any useful output from svn command line (or the Subclipse tool). Feedback anyone?

I tried updating to the latest Subclipse, 0.9.108. No help.

Finally, I tried upgrading my SVN server to 1.3.0 and ... things are working again!. Supposedly, I could have stayed with a Berkley DB repository using 1.3.0, but I've gone through the work of converting to a file system repository (as one of my attempts to resolve this problem), and I can't see the advantage of moving back. In fact, if anything, SVN seems faster or more responsive using the file system.

I should finally be able to get those NFJS examples up on the web site.

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