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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tech Talk (Finally) Live

My TSS Tech Talk Video, taped at last year's TheServerSide Symposium, has finally gone live.


Pixiepurls said...

Heya I am a Java Newbie. I am also a web designer at heart and I was going to learn some Java (I was going to go for JSP type stuff) and then I was being told JSP was old school and to check out tapestry. Most people said I should learn some Java first before getting into tapestry.

I was wondering your thoughts on what i should learn first?

I want to code my own little CMS that writes to a database with some title's and content, and then I will export XML from the DB and render it in a browser with XSLT/XHTML etc.

I don't want to code e-stores or anything very complex, but I do want to learn how to build something small and simple myself, and be able to read the code.

Mohammad Shamsi said...

Hi Howard

all tapestry users need toturial and
docs for how user tapestry.

it seems that its nesessary to produce
this guide to beginners.

you need to famailiar new users with this framework.