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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Another Satisfied Customer

Jordan Redner, of shopping.com is a past client (I did a few days of training for them back in November). He's turned into a very enthusiastic Tapestry booster in the Bay Area. He recently wrote:

I work at Shopping.com and we've just rebuilt 3 major public-facing applications using Tapestry. The old versions were Perl/Mason.

With a core team of 3 strong Java developers, 1 CSS/HTML person, and 1 Oracle DB developer, we rebuilt what was estimated to take 4 man years in 4 months with some time to spare. I seriously don't think we would have been able to pull this off in Struts/JSP which was the runner up choice for us. In fact I think it could have been a disaster, taking much longer. The application is fairly complex and includes very rich I18N functionality such as rendering of strings in various language (from resource bundles & from the database), rendering currencies, collation by language, etc... Anyway, it was a huge application, and it has been a huge success. I am happy about it and needless to say, so is the business.

I've used many frameworks and have been doing web development for years in the Bay Area. Previously, I've managed and implemented large projects in ASP.NET with back-end Java components. I actually like the class-backing-a-page design of .NET which is similar to Tapestry, except for the fact that ASPX has the same pitfalls as JSP, and it's not Java.


Jamie Orchard-Hays said...

We have had similar productivity gains over Struts here at Darden. Reusable components really make a huge contribution.

Matias said...

We are working in a huge project, with tapestry & hivemind too. We are needing to integrate development cycle with web designing, aur question is what's the web designer skill? and which is the metodology to interface with the java developer's team? We lost lot of time in that. An example is the need to style a dinamic component generated with java scrip, when the web designer have not java script knowledge.