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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Got my laptop back

When I told people my tale of woe concerning my laptop, I got a fairly universally negative response about Dell. All I can say is that, short of dumping a tall glass of water into my keyboard, I've had zero problems with my Inspiron 8200 for nearly three years.

In fact, Dell under-promised and over-delivered. The five to seven business days turned into ... two. They picked it up Monday afternoon, and I got it back Wednesday afternoon with a new keyboard and new (or refurbished) system board. Everything seems to be working fine. I was steeling myself for a full re-install of Windows and all my tools (which is not a bad idea, to be sure!) and instead I'm back up and running as if it never happened.

So I'm back to puzzling out the eXo portlet container. Looks like it will be easier, once I get the hang of it, to test my Portlet Tapestry using eXo than Jetspeed ... it's just a much richer, more polished tool. Ultimately, I'll verify against a number of different containers.

1 comment:

gmc said...

I used a DELL Inspiron 8100 for a few years.

Before coming into my possession, it had been dropped at least twice. It also survived a car accident in which it flew off of the rear "dashboard", sailded out the window, and skidded across the snow for a good 75 feet or so.

After coming into my possession, it suffered less abuse, but still a fair share of knocks and such.

It currently lives a more glamorous life, travelling about from party to party with a friend. She uses it to perform music, live. It still gets dropped now and then.

Although my experience is limited, I'd certainly consider buying another.