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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

It's a Tap- Tap- Tap- Tapestry World!

One of the more frequent questions I get concerning Tapestry is ... how many sites are using it in the real world? It's a tough question, since I generally only hear from people who have problems and not nearly enough success stories. I asked around on the Tapestry mailing lists and got some pointers to a few sites ... here's just a few (that had cool logos).

TheServerSide.com should be pretty well known; it may be the largest Tapestry site, getting millions of hits per month.

TheServerSide.net runs on the same software, but with some different assets and configuration.

Shopping.com's main site just switched over from Perl/C++/CGI to Struts, but many of their current ancillary applications, such as Merchant account management, are done in Tapestry. They expect to use Tapestry on virtually all new internal and external web development.

The NHL may be having trouble, but it isn't because of Tapestry. Eric Everman, who created the site, tells me he is happy to return to more Tapestry work at NHL.com, after a painful sojourn into Struts development for another client.

Erik Hatcher and Jamie Orchard-Hays were part of the team that built a suite of applications for Darden ... in fact, that was one of my first Tapestry training engagements. The same application has been skinned and reconfigured for a number of clients, including the University of Chicago Business School.

This site was done by Paul Ferraro, a Tapestry committer who originated the friendly URLs patch for Tapestry 3.0. This site has also been repackaged and reskinned for a large list of clients.

And a few more I have no real information about (but I liked their logos):

And of course, there are far more than that. Geoff pointed out that Google can search for Tapestry sites due to the distinctive format of Tapestry URLs (if you aren't using the friendly URLs patch).


Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

The google search shows mostly error pages from the sites. It's not such a hot reference if someone actually clicks through...

Anonymous said...

Hi- This is Eric Everman. I would just like to point out that I had no involvement with the NHL site. I've been a Tapestry user for a while and its possible my name got confused with the actual NHL person from the Tapestry user's list.

Thanks Much.