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Friday, October 01, 2004

Using Tapestry's Table component

Tapestry's Table component is very powerful and very flexible. The Table component can draw information from a variety of sources ... everything from in memory to an external database via SQL and everything in between. The component can handle column sorting automatically, can work inside a Form, and can be broken apart into smaller pieces so that you can provide your own look and feel for parts of it (such as the navigation control for moving between pages of results). You can configure it using a short string, or provide any of several modeling objects to control pagination, data access, column content and order and so forth. Whew!

All that power and flexibilty makes it hard to pick up; John Reynolds has taken up the guantlet and come up with a kind of interactive tutorial and guide to this important Tapestry component.

Maybe he'll follow up with a guide to the Tree component? We can only hope!


bioye said...

talking about tutorials and documentation, i stumbled on a doc by scott, a member of the manning.com tia forum. i'v always thot uml models of tapestry were a necessity. and i think the 'simple' uml diagram by scott is worth checking out. it is @ http://people.clemson.edu/~prov356/NOTEBOOK/tapestry.rtf on his website @ http://people.clemson.edu/~prov356/. hope this ends up useful.

well done on the continual great job.


johnreynolds said...

Sigh... Ok Howard, I'll get right on that Tree example ;-)

johnreynolds said...

Ok Howard,
The first installment of the Tapestry Trees examples are
available for download at:

This is just a start... that darn Table is a bear ;-)