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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Now that's handy

[Eclipse Clover View]Clover has always been useful (and Cenqua has always been generous with licenses for open source projects), but I finally got around to installing their Eclipse Plugin. It's not perfect, but it is simple and it does work. My old procedure was the run my tests using Ant to build the code coverage, then switch back and forth from a web browser to my source code. This is much, much easier (though the markers for lines that have not executed are a bit too subtle ... I'd prefer a change in background color, as with the HTML report).

Meanwhile, it's time to fill in some of gaps in my code coverage test suite!

1 comment:

fraz said...

Hi Howard!

You'd get those kind of markers (without the crash!) if you were using the Clover plugin for IntelliJ IDEA... ;)

Now, as for an equivalent of Spindle for IDEA, there's a glimpse of hope since our team *might* well be using Tapestry for an upcoming project and some of us are now considering a Tapestry/IDEA integration more seriously.

This very subject has been discussed between Glen Stampoultzis and myself on the IntelliJ forums some months ago, and more and more people seem to be interested in having something like Spindle for IDEA.

I'm happy to discuss this offline if you wish.