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Friday, October 01, 2004

Competition is good, right?

Just noticed on the GoogleAd side bar of my own blog that ArcMind (Rick Hightower's consulting/training company) is offering Tapestry Training. The outline is exactly what I'd like to be presenting ... fortunately or not, I've been so bottled up working on a large Tapestry project that I've made no progress on my own equivalent course.

I've talked with Rick a few times and I've worked with Drew Davidson (whose also associated with ArcMind, and is the creator of OGNL). These are guys who have used Struts, JSF and Tapestry in anger (that is, as part of real production work). I've been encouraging Drew to write a fair comparison of Tapestry and JSF; I think it would be a valuable document for JSF and Tapestry users alike, as well as providing the Tapestry team with even more direction.

Hopefully, ArcMind's offering will be a success, and will grow the Tapestry community by more than he steals away from me :-).

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