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Friday, October 01, 2004

Royalty Check

Wow! Tapestry In Action has sold enough copies over the last six months to not only pay back the original advance Manning gave me, but even go over and kick me back a modest royalty check. I'd forgotten that could even happen. With some big announcements in the works for Tapestry and for myself, all hopefully feeding into book sales, I bet this isn't the last check I see from them!


Ben Eng said...

Congratulations. I'm happy to see the book doing well. The format and content are excellent. I was able to learn the basics with enough advanced techniques to get by in a matter of days. The PDF format book is much more useful than paper, due to the ability to search.

I don't yet see a vocal and hyperactive Tapestry community exchanging ideas and components of a scale comparable to Struts, despite Tapestry's superior programming model. Once this community begins hatching more participants, the momentum may turn out to be quite impressive.

Howard said...

Thanks for the compliements. I've long been anxious to get such a community formed ... but its not something that can be forced into existence. I've worked hard to lay the technical groundwork to support it (for example, the namespaces and libraries in Tapestry date back to release 2.2), but a community forms of its own, I think. I do see signs, nearly every day, that Tapestry is firmly taking hold in people's minds ... enough so, that "upstart frameworks" are now targetting Tapestry instead of Struts!

Anjan said...

Hi There,


I am looking forward to your HiveMind Book ? Are you contemplating one ? More(recently Mike Spille's) upstart/NEW generation applications will use the techniques that HiveMind uses.

Someone who can articulate this well can make a big contribution to the direction of Software Architecture going ahead.

Thank you,


Ken Yee said...

Now that you've proven to Manning that it's worth doing, any chance you'll release a version, when will there be a version that covers 4.0? :-)
The current edition only covers 3.0...

chumsnet said...

Tapestry In Action cannot be found in my local bookstore. None in Toronto! I have built an online community( www.chumsnet.com ) using Struts. It is up and running. But I want to upgrade the interface. However, as it is funded by myself, the pain involved in the front end has stopped me many times.