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Saturday, October 23, 2004

[FIXED] Abandoned by Google Mail

It's funny how quickly you can become dependent on a service ... and if it's a free service, with no support, that can be a problem. In my case, it's Google Mail, which no longer lets me log in (it hangs for a while with the "Loading ..." message, then pops up a window about trying again later).

I've let myself get dependent on GMail for nearly all of my Tapestry and HiveMind correspondence but there seems to be no support outside of this support group. Is it moderated? My posting about this problem hasn't shown up. I'm not the only one with this problem, but since Google Mail doesn't have any accessible support, I'm a bit hosed!

If and when I get this resolved, I may rethink my usage of GMail. It's fast, convienient, and searchable ... but none of that is helpful if you can't depend on it!

Updated 10/26: And GMail is back again. I added a bug to their support system (only accessible once logged in) complaining that ... their bug system is only accessible once logged in!


Laust said...

Have you tried access via some of the external frameworks that will let you access your GMail account?

There are both java and php frameworks available and POP3 mail proxies build on top of these that will let you access your account.

Jeff said...

Have you tried using a different browser and/or machine?

Steve Gibson said...

Remember, the service is in Beta. I have an account too, but its not my primary. (Actually it's like number 3 on the list). Sounds like you have a bad cookie or something.

Howard said...

As a beta product, they should expect problems and have a reasonable way of accepting user problem reports. They don't, which is what I find so unacceptible. My problems started saturday and it's only monday ... but I would expect some resolution today. I wonder if a Slashdot article would get their attention?