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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tapestry 5.0.15 released

Tapestry version 5.0.15 has been released. The good news is that this is the final beta. The bad news is that it was supposed to be the release candidate. After the release was created, and during the voting period, a couple of annoyances (mostly for non-English applications) were identified. Rather than postpone the release further, it was decided to continue with the release and have one more release as the release candidate (and likely final release).

Anyway, outside of these minor issues, this release is ready for prime time, with some significant improvements to client-side behavior and Ajax support, more localizations, improvements to the IoC container, and the solution to a significant deadlocking problem.

Meanwhile, I'm in London now after a very successful talk on Tapestry at JavaZone in Oslo. My goal for those sessions is shock and awe with a dash of humor, and I'm told I delivered, to nearly 100 attendees. Suzy was in the audience, as was Eitan Suez, James Ward and Scott Davis.

This week is Tapestry 5 training in London, and next week Haarlem (in Amsterdam). I get back to the US in October, and that's when we'll get the final Tapestry 5.0 release out the door ... and I'm already working on 5.1 in a branch.


James Ward said...

It was great seeing you in Oslo! Have fun in Europe!


Unknown said...

I read you're going to Haarlem in the Netherlands. I'm curious on what event you'll be presenting?


Unknown said...

It's a three-day private Tapestry 5 training course.

Unknown said...

Howord keep the great work, It is better to wait little more for the RC than some bugs go with the release.

I just want to suggest if there is an option to support as a module Google Guice IoC as an alternative to Spring.

Thanks for the Beta release Howard and good luck!.

Best Regards.

mveloso said...

Congratulations for Tapestry 5 release. You're doing a great job Howard. Thanks.