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Sunday, September 07, 2008

And the release candidate sprint is on!

Just rounding out the last few important bug fixes (and enhancements) that are needed for the Tapestry 5 release candidate. Can I get it together before I leave for my Europe trip on Sept. 15th? If not, the RC may wait until October.

Importantly, I think I've nailed TAPESTRY-2561, the thread deadlock bug.

I'm already looking forward to 5.1: I have lots of fully backwards compatible enhancements to make.

1 comment:

Fanf said...

Congratulations for TAPESTRY-2561 !

Tapestry 5 RC will be a really important time for us, it's always simpler to sell a techno tagged as "stable", even if the client will never look to the smallest line of code, and even if T5 api were remarkably stables (more than most open source project mark as stable).... Ah, power of words...

All in all, thank you very much for this great framework, I think it's the "big why" I'm still under Java, and I didn't fled to Scala/Lift (next step : T5 with a scala back end in place of the Java one, it used to work smoothly, but I didn't tested since a while, T5.0.6 or the like).