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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tapestry at JavaOne

Not only am I doing my Tapestry 5 "BOF" session (Tapestry 5: Java Programming Language Power, Scripting Ease), but there's also TS-7354 (Fast Feedback Loop: Unit Testing Strategies for Tapestry) and BOF-9834 ( Grails, Sails, and Trails: Rails Through a Coffee Filter).

I'll be arriving Tuesday afternoon and staying through Saturday. JavaOne is always hectic, especially right around my session. However, I'd be glad to meet with people informally; drop me an e-mail at hlship AT gmail DOT com and we'll see.

Meanwhile, did anyone else suffer through Sun's Schedule Builder? Just a horrendous application, made all the worse that it is crying out for the Ajax treatment. Show me the sessions side-by-side, dynamically filter the page by day and time slot and session track, and let me click or drag the sessions I like. For god's sake ... don't make me schedule one sesson at a time and then scroll back to the top of the page!


Unknown said...

I was just commenting to a collegue how horrible the schedule builder is and what a lost opportunity it is for Sun to showcase their stuff. I can forgive the lack of ajax--useability and ajax don't have to go hand it hand. But come on! The domain isn't that hard; scheduling's been done on computers for as long as there have been computers. Anyone else notice it offering to fill your five-minute gaps? With what? A water break?

Just awful.

Josh Long said...

Howard, I hope your trip to JavaOne went well. I noticed you made it to the JSF EG meeting: http://weblogs.java.net/blog/edburns/archive/2007/05/jsf_20_eg_kick.html
Glad to see it! How do you perceive it went? Is there hope?