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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tapestry at JavaOne 2007

JavaOne was a lot of fun this year; I didn't arrive in time for the JavaFX keynote, but I understood it to be underwhelming. Yep ... that's what Java needs ... to take on Adobe and Microsoft in Adobe's home territory.

On the other hand, this was a very social JavaOne; lots of good conversations and meeting with people I only know online.

I also attended the Java Server Faces 2.0 Expert Group kickoff. I can't really see where that's going to go, alas. It's not like everyone bowed down and said "JSF 2.0 shall be Tapestry" (not even Jacob Hookom, who does see Tapestry as a good model for much of JSF 2.0). But I did get a chance to chat with Gavin King ... about motorcycles. He's riding a Ducati now, and I'm thinking about picking up a new bike once I buy a house. Gavin --- I used to ride a Yamaha FZR1000.

The best part of the JSF meeting was when Jonathan Swartz stopped by. We shook hands and talked about how slow adoption of JCP standards.

Elsewhere ... the fun part about the RubyEnv parody ad ...

... is that Tapestry is jar #3. Interesting, though I guess it's hard to know what "JSF in a Jar" looks like, or "Struts in a Jar" for that matter. My intention is to reverse the meaning, make Tapestry 5 something that'll make the Ruby guys envious. We'll see.


sportsbetting said...

That spoof ad was pretty well done. I'd like to see a rebuttal from the Java community. Something involving gems perhaps?

Bill Holloway said...

I saw a quick interview with Kito Mann about JSF. He made special mention that they had gotten you, Howard, to join the JSF 2 expert group. He seemed...proud of it :)

Guess we know which web app framework is really pulling attention!

Unknown said...

Hey Howard,

nice to hear that you're riding the motorcycle also! I got bitten by that virus at the end of last year. Here's what I'm riding now : http://www.gbevin.com/gallery2/main.php/v/motorbikes/kawasaki_er6f/ and http://www.gbevin.com/gallery2/main.php/v/motorbikes/geertandhiser6f/

In the US this is the Kawasaki Ninja 650r.

Looking forward to meeting you at a next conference.

Take care,


Unknown said...

Yep, I haven't had a bike in a few years as my life has been otherwise full, but I'm looking forward to getting something once we buy a house here. I've owned three bikes, most recently an Yamaha FZR 1000, but I've been between bikes for so long I'm in danger of being labeled "ex-motorcyclist". Oregon is great country for riding.

veer said...

When I followed Tapestry 5 tutorial, I felt like in the dream.

And I asked myself "Is this from Java community?".

Unknown said...

I hope that's a good thing :-)

Alejandro Paz said...

I found the tapestry 5 tutorial like following one of ROR. The bad is that it is still very few information or tutorials for Tapestry 5.

Dhanji R. Prasanna said...

bit of a late comment =P

Howard, Im surprised not to see more enthusiasm from you about salvaging JSF from its evil strutsy past. Faces2 could become the standards-derived-from T5 (and other improvements like webflow).

Let me cite the example of JPA and Hibernate/TopLink. While the standard is far from full featured as each of its ancestors, it is certainly an elegant convergence of them (with good potential for the future).

I'd argue that we could do to Faces1 what JPA/EJB3 did to EJB2.x and reinvent it (not that the non-JPA parts of EJB3 are seeing much favor yet..).

Im certainly approaching it from this pov (being a longtime fan of tapestry and critic of JSF1).

Whats the antithesis to "if it aint broke...", something like like "lets fix it"

Dhanji =)