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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Waiting for VMWare Mac

I'm looking forward to doing more Tapestry 4 training fairly soon, and some Tapestry 5 training in the medium future. One important part of my arsenal is missing: VMWare for Mac. Four months ago they said "open beta real soon now" (i.e., by the end of the year). I hope I don't have to lug along my old Dell Laptop, just to run my VMWare Ubuntu image!


Matt Raible said...

I've been using VMWare on Ubuntu (for training classes) ever since I talked to you about it at OSCON. I build it before I go, and then install it on all the student's machines. I can't install it on my MBP, but it's worked quite well. Like you, I'd love VMWare for the Mac - but it's not a necessity to run a successful training course. ;-)

Unknown said...

What about Parallels Workstation? It's supposed to read VMWare images just fine and I've been running all kinds of goodies on it.


Anonymous said...

Christmas may come, your wish has come true:


Happy Holidays and keep coding!

Laurent Etiemble said...

VMWare Fusion has been released in beta.


As far as I have tested, it plays existing images without problems. No data on performance yet.


Anonymous said...

your wish has been granted ...

Anonymous said...

+ 1 Parallels



Don't have to wait for vmware. Parallels is very good

Unknown said...

Actually, I do have to wait ... that is, I do need VMWare.

I need a virtualization solution that is cross platform; the image has to run, freely, on available hardware (typically, windows machines) at client sites.