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Friday, December 01, 2006

The Difference between Blogs and Support Lines

The difference between Blogs and Support Lines:

Tapestry questions posted as blog comments don't get answered.

If you have a question about Tapestry, the tapestry user mailing list (users@tapestry.apache.org) is the correct starting point. Questions asked there get answered pretty quickly, by the Tapestry community (including the committers).

Failing that, you can contact me or any of the other Tapestry committers. Just remember that for us, Tapestry is a business and answering questions can be a distraction, a drain on resources that needs compensation.

From my perspective, every minute of my time should be spent on Tapestry 5. Any distraction from that, any time I could be working on T5 but end up working on something else, is a net negative for the Tapestry community as a whole.

So if you're one of the folks whose been posting various questions onto the blog as comments (I see all the comments because I moderate them) ... well, now you know why I don't usually answer. This simply isn't the right venue or the right situation.


Jesse Kuhnert said...

I would have to concur. It's not that we don't love our community and want everyone to be as happy as possible, but for every seemingly innocent email/posting you are almost guaranteed to have at least 30 others with the same innocent intentions.

Anonymous said...

jesse, and this happens for a good reason.

Kevin Menard said...

So, out of curiosity, what is the appropriate channel to discuss TapestryForge material? It's deliberately outside the realm of Tapestry, so tapestry-dev@a.o seems inappropriate. There's no mailing list for any of the TapestryForge projects, so nothing there. This blog is the only place I've seen any discussion on it all, but the comment system is inappropriate. And the convention is not to privately email the author for general comments.

Perhaps some clarification would help?