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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Google: Tapestry

Just did a ego gratification Google search on the word Tapestry. Guess what's on the top of the list? Used to be, you had to qualify the search as "java tapestry" to even get close. Does this signal any new level of adoption of Tapestry?

In a perhaps related note, I got my Manning royalty statement for Tapestry In Action for April 1 - June 30th ... and it's my biggest (by 50%) to date. Perhaps that has something to do with my appearance at JavaOne?


Anonymous said...

Tapesty, tapesty tapestry .. wheres Hivemind at :) ?

Would be a great fit for Apaches new Felix OSGi implementation.

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

Now all those baroque antique collectors are going to be royally ticked when "feeling lucky".

Anonymous said...

Can you please reveal the number of copies sold?

Well the latest review (as of 10/10/05) on Amazon.com has been written on August 13, 2004...
(and 7 of 13 reviews were written in April, 2004)

I am really getting anxious about this whole thing after working on this for quite some time now...

Anonymous said...

and of course, this begs the question: when is Tapestry In Action going to cover Tapestry 4.x? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I never bothered to add tapestry as a bookmark.
I just use googles first hit on the keywork "tapestry" :)

Anonymous said...


Looking into my crystal ball I can see that a second edition of Tapestry in action covering Tapestry 4.0 and a more tutorial-like format of the book would hike your royalty a 10 fold.
Think of that. :)