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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Blogs Aren't For Support

Hate to say this, but this Blog is not a forum for getting free Tapestry support. I've been seeing a creeping number of requests for help and this just isn't the right place!

For free community support, subscribe to the Tapestry User Mailing List and learn how to ask a question that will get a response.

For professional support, you can contact me, or any other member of the Tapestry Support Network to purchase support.

1 comment:

James Ward said...

Interesting post Howard, but could you help me troubleshoot this error:

org.apache.tapestry.engine.RequestCycle.observeChange(RequestCycle.java:621) org.apache.tapestry.Tapestry.fireObservedChange(Tapestry.java:1339) org.apache.tapestry.AbstractComponent.fireObservedChange(AbstractComponent.java:304) org.apache.tapestry.contrib.table.components.TableView$Enhance_29.setSessionState(TableView$Enhance_29.java) org.apache.tapestry.contrib.table.components.TableView.storeSessionState(TableView.java:430) org.apache.tapestry.contrib.table.components.TableView.saveSessionState(TableView.java:403) org.apache.tapestry.contrib.table.components.TableView.fireObservedStateChange(TableView.java:367)