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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Tapestry and HiveMind at ApacheCon

Last year, I did a short, 60 minute, session on Tapestry at ApacheCon ... and I really think that launched things for me. I got a lot of good feedback on Tapestry and on my speaking style, and its opened a number of doors for me.

This year at ApacheCon, I'll be doing a long session on Tapestry on Sunday that will cover most of the material in my two normal Tapestry sessions (form building and component building). Additionally, I'll have a HiveMind session late on Wednesday. Details may someday be posted on the ApacheCon schedule.

Erik Hatcher, Matt Raible, and many others will be there. It was a good time last year (of course, I did bring my wife, Suzanne).

I'm spending too much time in Vegas, for someone who doesn't gamble. I was there in April for TheServerSide Symposium, I'll be there in October for a friend's birthday, and back in November for ApacheCon. Thankfully, I have my rolling laptop case (what a difference that makes when your laptop weighs in at about 15 pounds!).

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