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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

HiveMind 1.0-rc-1

Following a successful vote (notable only for the absence of a vote from Knut), I'm building out HiveMind 1.0-rc-1 at this very moment. That's Release Candidate 1 ... and I expect to be rolling to a final 1.0 release very quickly.

There are a boat-load of plans for 1.1 and I hope that, unlike Tapestry's lethargic pace, we can get a 1.1 out in just a matter of months or even weeks.


Jian Wu said...

1. Downloaded hivemind-1.0-rc-1.zip
2. Tried to run ant from [Hivemind Root]\examples to
build examples found a list of errors like:

"[Hivemind Root]\hivebuild\dependency.xml:79:Warning: Could not find file [Hivemind Root]\ext-package\lib\geronimo-spec-ejb-1.0-M1.jar to copy"

"[Hivemind Root]\hivebuild\dependency.xml:79: Warning: Could not find f
ile [Hivemind Root]\ext-package\lib\spring-full-1.0.1.jar to copy"

... ...

Could anyone please specify a list of dependent jar files which are not
included in this release package?



Jian Wu said...

Just want to clarify that I'm new to Hivemind.

Actually, I googled all the jar files based on the
Ant Error Output, finally, I reached the following
error message:

C:\jwudevprjs\hivemind1.0\hivebuild\jar-module.xml:239: Following error occured
while executing this line
C:\jwudevprjs\hivemind1.0\hivebuild\jar-module.xml:193: The <junit> type doesn't
support the "forkmode" attribute.

Any tips to work around this issue?