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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Upcoming Clojure Talks

I'll be speaking about Clojure at Open Source Bridge on June 17th here in Portland.

OSCON 2009

In addition, I'll be speaking on Clojure at OSCON, on July 23rd. OSCON has left its traditional home, Portland, in favor of San Jose, alas. If you are thinking of attending, use my friends, co-workers and family discount code, os09fos, and save 20%.


Odisseus said...

Lot of Clojure theses previous months... Do we have to expect a Tapestry4Clojure? :)

Howard said...

Nope, Tapestry is very stateFUL, Clojure is stateLESS. I don't see how you would use them together, except perhaps to dress up Clojure functions as Tapestry IoC services. I have some ideas about a Clojure based web framework, but it's not Tapestry at all ... its a more traditional action/view (not component) framework.

Chrigel said...

nooo please not yet another web framework to consider ;)