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Friday, June 12, 2009

Back from Tapestry 5 Training / Madison, WI

Just got back last night from training in Madison WI. This was primarily an intro to Tapestry 5 for Tapestry 4 developers (and a couple of new-to-web-programming developers) and a lot of hands on pair programming to get them going with their conversion work. It was a lot of fun, and as usual, I learned a bit.

I have a couple of weeks respite now before OSCON which will be followed with training in York, UK, then Estonia, then London.

I'm continuing to hold off on code changes to Tapestry 5, though I hit enough minor annoyances that I'm considering a 5.1 bug fix release before starting 5.2 in earnest.

I have a backlog of work related to Tapestry360 and then my main emphasis is going to be Documentation, Screencasts, Articles, Documentation and Documentation, plus some additional Documentation. It may be a while before I start with new features for 5.2.


Thiago H de Paula Figueiredo (Thiago HP) said...


How was JavaOne? And the Tapestry 5 BoF?

Howard said...

JavaOne was a bit quiet; I didn't attend many sessions. I think the BoF went quite good, but for over half the audience, it was preaching to the choir. The highlight was meeting up with Rich Hickey, the inventor of Clojure.

Lauri said...

You mention, that You are going to be in Estonia, but i cannot find anywhere the dates nor other information about that training.
How could one participate in those trainings?

Howard said...

It's private training at a company that's hired me for the week to train, mentor, code review, etc.

There's public open-enrollment training in London the week after, at SkillsMatter.