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Friday, June 19, 2009

Apache Tapestry 5: State of the Union

I've just uploaded my slide deck from JavaOne this year:

As usual, embedded animations and screencasts don't work, but there's a lot of value here regardless.

This presentation was a slightly extended version of the Webinar.


brianojames said...

I love Tapestry 5. Thank you very much.

Alfonso said...

I like T5 too, I'm planning to start a project using it. I'll have to download extra components, it would be *great* if default distribution includes tab-component,accordion,etc

One question: t5 supports liveClassReloading and liveTemplateReloading, is it possible in the future to support liveI18Nreloading? thanks!

Howard said...

Live reloading applies to classes, templates and message catalogs (properties files).

You may be seeing problems related to Tomcat, which tends to copy the files out of the WAR which interferes with Tapestry's ability to determine if anything has changed.

Alfonso said...

So... If I get a good environment, i18n files will be live reloaded? thanks!