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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Installing Subversion 1.5 binaries in Ubuntu 8.04

I'm a little left in the lurch currently, because I need Subversion 1.5 client binaries in my Ubuntu 8.04 virtual machine (the one I use for training). This is because Eclipse check projects out in such with 1.5 compatibility (IDEA is kind enough to ask which version to use). In any case, since setting up my Tapestry Workspace involves a bit of command-line SVN, I found myself needing to upgrade SVN to 1.5.

With a little hunting around and some guesswork, I found the solution.

You need to add a new Software Sources location; this is a tool, "Software Sources" inside the Applications > System menu. Click the tab labeled "Third Party Tools" and add a new source. You'll be prompted to enter an "apt-get line": deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ intrepid main

From there, go into Synaptic Package Manager. Find package "subversion" and you'll see that there's a version of 1.5 now available, thanks to the new software source. You can right click and select "Upgrade", then apply the changes.


Raul said...

A better and cleaner solution (as adding packages from another version of the distribution is not a very good idea) is to enable the "backports" repository.
To do this, the easiest way (to me, at least) is to edit the /etc/apt/sources.list and enable this line:
deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hardy-backports main universe
(and depending on your preferences, the restricted and multiverse sections)
Hope this helps.

Kent said...

I had sort of the same problem. I use SVNKit instead of the binary. It works inside Eclipse, but not outside. It depends on your needs.

Tim said...

Thanks to Raul for pointing out the backports solution, which solved this issue for me. However there is at easier method to enable them.
Bring up Synaptic Package Manager.
Go settings-->Repositories then Updates tab.

Tick "Unsupported updates (hardy backports)"

The required update is now available via the package manager.

Cheers all,
Tim S.